THE AUTHENTIC JEWELRY MEDITERRANEAN MEETING              7th EDITION · 14 - 15 / 04 / 2018 · 10:00h - 20:00h

Location - Convent dels Àngels, Barcelona

A XVI century building of Gothic design, with an intense and rich history, the Convent dels Àngels was the object of a respectful remodeling by architects Lluís Clotet and Ignacio Aparicio. Integrated into the historical heritage of Barcelona, it includes several spaces, some of which are among the most beautiful examples of Gothic Architecture in the City of Barcelona.

Connected with the Chapel, the Great Room, space of ESPAIJOIA 2018, has the advantage of its direct access to the terrace and the outside views. The lightness of the glass combines with the solidity of the archs and the stone walls to create a mixed space, where the weight of tradition links with the contemporary city without losing its magical and seductive character. Connected with the Great Room, the Terrace of the Convent dels Àngels is a space recovered from the past and designed with natural materials. A chill-out area to rest and talk quietly, in a perfect setting to relax at the end of the day.

The Forum Space is a smaller vault of Gothic tradition that stands out for the vaulted ceiling and the decorated corbels.

We are in the heart of Barcelona, in the middle of it´s historic center, in this beautiful Mediterranean city.